Answers to Your Questions About Graphic Design
What qualities and skills should a good graphic designer have?
A top notch graphic designer should be creative, have a good grasp of client’s needs, be consistent with their work so that clients can have a good understanding of their past work, and they should be patient so that they can communicate effectively with the clients and collaborators/team members.
How do you work with collaborators like copywriters, developers, photographers, and project managers?
When I collaborate with copywriters, developers, photographers and project managers, I ensure that there are clearly delegated dues at every step of each project. Timelines and checklists sometimes assist when there are many moving parts in a project. I believe collaboration is one of the key factors in the creative world and essential to a business’s everyday operation to be successful in the creative world.
What is the final hand-off process after a design project is completed?
During the final hand-off, we ensure that everything that the client is expecting has been addressed and/or completed within any project. I review the style guide to review the completeness and make sure everything is correct and outlined before sending it. we normally send files in a few different formats because not everyone can view certain files on their computer or mobile devices.
How do you incorporate feedback into your designs?
Feedback is an important element in the design process. Communication is key so that clients can understand the process, while at the same time, they can feel open to giving feedback about the direction as the design takes shape. Our team also welcomes constructive criticism because it helps me understand what a project is lacking while making adjustments to meet the clients goals.
What is a time you received hard criticism for your work?  
As a creative, it is hard not to be your own worst critic. However, when a client gives me feedback that could be considered negative, I see it as a challenge to give them what they want and still be consistent with our artistic work and the fundamentals of design.
Describe your creative process. What are the major steps?
I have a science degree in graphic design and communication so I always look at everything I work on from a scientific eye. Who, what, when, where and why. I narrow in on who is the target audience and how will they be interacting with the project. I research all possible directions and pick the best route to accomplish the goals.
What brands do you most admire and how do they influence your work?  
Some of the brands I most admire include Nike, Coca-Cola and Puma. These are brands that have remained timeless throughout the decades. Their brands are simple yet strong and zone-in on their target audiences. I love how these brands invoke a certain feeling. 
Answers to Your Questions on SEO
What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization is a way to help your website achieve a higher rank with more visibility. SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through the various search engines. 33% of increased traffic will be clicking on the top organic link in the browser. What people are searching for online is imperative to a proactive SEO service and return on investment. What questions and content they are looking for through their browser.
Is Search Engine Optimization important?
Yes SEO is very important to anyone with a website on the web. Whether you have a business website or just writing a blog about food. It can be the difference between having your website seen 1000 times or 5 times over a month. If you want to sell more products and services you must perform monthly Search Engine Optimization.
Does SEO Work?
There is no exact science to how SEO works. It is constantly evolving because it is based on changing algorithms. Search engines are always changing algorithms to give the consumer the best results. We must keep in mind that the “best practices” need to be held to a high standard.
Staying within the guidelines SEO will help your website rank. This can lead to increased visibility and more clicks on your weblinks. Furthermore, you may get more conversions on what you are selling by doing simple SEO tasks.
Is SEO worth the money and investment?
SEO is definitely an investment your business will want to do. If done correctly, your online presence will reap the rewards. Your website is an advertising tool to help bring in leads so it is valuable to optimize it to peak performance. If you are not putting time into Search Engine Optimization, you might be leaving the huge potential earnings at the wayside with your online competition.
Can you do SEO yourself?
Why sure you can do SEO yourself. There is a lot to understand in this technical skill-set. Our team is sure with a little time and education you will be able to master it. It takes time, work and patience. Do not think what you today on your website will make your website rank overnight.
Stay away from cheap products, plagiarized content and spamming backlinks. Creating a ton of pages without original content is one of the worst things you can do. Google will know if you copied any words from another website. We have seen businesses do SEO incorrectly and it is harder to fix it once the havoc has been done. Do it right the first time and shear to the best practices.
Do I need to hire someone for SEO?
From personal experience we would say yes you need to hire a professional SEO, especially if your internal expertise is not on par with the current Google guidelines. Hire a professional without compromising quantity and quality of work. There quite a few SEO companies that will over promise while under delivering. 
Think about if your industry is easy to understand and content be created for. Some industries are more technical than others. By creating content targeting at your customers you will answer their questions while providing value.
What skills are needed for SEO?
Seo involves quite a few skills for completing projects and obtaining goals. Our recommendations include:

• Being able to write engaging content and effectively communicate are important. 
• You must also understand how to critically think because if you hit a wall and do not know how to proceed this will help you get past it. 
• Adaptability when SEO guidelines which change frequently. 
• Being able to analyze graphics and different types of analytics is very important. 
• Understanding how to research keywords and competitors of an industry.  
How long does it take to see SEO work?
Results from sometimes will not be seen right away. In fact be prepared to not see any for 4 - 9 months. There really are no guarantees. Everything depends on your industry, keyword searches, competition and density. Lastly, be aware that most companies take a monthly fee or retainer to provide their services.
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