New logos and rebrands.

Business Logo Rebrands | Updated & Redesigned

All businesses have a brand no matter if they know it or not. Having a great brand today is everything. It helps drive revenue and influences customers. It also helps with setting your business out from your competitors in the ever growing digital landscape.

An amazing brand presence gives a company the recognition it needs to be at the top of thor industry. However, over time a majority of businesses will need to update their brand. A rebranding can help with reflecting market shifts and changes in the company.

I have shared some rebranded logos which I have had the pleasure of working on while being a freelancing graphic designer. I hope you see a difference with the initial brands and the final outcome of the new brand. With some guidance, we established goals that produced a more desirable logo.

If you or your business are ready for a refreshed brand the biggest takeaway to refreshing the look is the ability to reach new customers. Rebranding can offer the positive injection your business needs to create new growth.
Crafty as Folk logo rebrand.
Money management logo.
Gigi made goods logo.
Gramings logo design.

Are you ready to begin the rebranding process? I am ready when you are. It will be a process you will never forget and will be a great investment into your business. Hire me as your personal brand strategist and I will lead you in the right direction.

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