Southern Hills Pharmacy Branding

The identity for Southern Hills Pharmacy is the face and personality presented to the global community. It is as important as the products and services provided to their community of clients. Everything represents them as a small pharmacy business.

Southern Hills Pharmacy is a family-owned and operated full-service pharmacy in Plantation, Florida. Their pharmacists have 50+ years of combined experience in both hospital and retail settings. They are dedicated to providing the best healthcare to patients and provide pharmaceutical services to the community. Each patient is provided with safe, accurate and prompt service. Some of their services include traditional pharmacy medications, individualized care by compounding custom medications, administering immunizations and performing Medication Therapy Management.

Because their story cannot be compromised I began with some sketches to bring their vision to reality. I wanted their process of giving medications and exceptional customer service to represent the mark cohesively. I kept a few words in the back of my mind, friendly, professional and community when designing this pharmacy logo.

The creative process ended with a new mark Southern Hills Pharmacy. The logo portrays a clean and timeless design. I wanted to keep simplicity as my top goal. The challenge was to bring a “don’t forget” imagery into a logo. Furthermore, it was met with a plus sign "+" moving into an imaginary pocket.

The straight, sans-serif typeface compliments the professional idea of putting it away. The word “PHARMACY” is the pinnacle and boldness of the logo. As it is shown, the “P” is a few points larger than the rest of the lettering. This guides the eye to the plus sign "+" and back towards “Southern Hills”. This reinforces a simple shape accompanied by visual hierarchy. It is surrounded by a stroke embracing all parts of the identity. A dash of formality is seen and felt. The brand is a visual conductor, communicating to their assembled spectators.

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