Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University - Jazz Jams
The FAMU Department of Music asked me to brand their music ensemble Jazz Jams. The music college is one of the most recognized schools within the university. Their Jazz Jams group is faculty run and travels around the Florida area to perform Jazz at events. The department wanted to gain the attention of children and passers-by as a top goal. They wanted someone to stop, enjoy the music and to remember their branding.
My solution brought the iconic saxophone into a visual identity to form the “J”. I also added some custom typography for the other letters. The “z’s” are music notes to bring a cohesive shape to the logo.
This project also included designing a couple of pop-up banners. These were simple in design with color and use of negative space. I brought together movement and color to create a standalone brand to accompany the band on their travels and events.​​​​​​​

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