Healthcare logo for Maternal & Perinatal Services.
Maternal and Perinatal Services | A Healthy Mom & Baby
The challenge was to provide a logo to the newly established Maternal and Perinatal Services. Their mission is to bridge the gap in health services delivered to expecting mothers. Components of the program target assisting medical providers with patients/clients navigating the services that they need before, during and after their pregnancy. I wanted to convey the tagline of Coordinating the Route from a Healthy Mom to a Healthy Baby into the final delivered logo mark.

Maternal and Perinatal Services is met with the imagery of a mother holding a child while being contained within a heart. The logo uses curvaceous lines and negative space to capture the essence of the bond between mother and child. Typography explored was a rounded type to play off of the curves of the mark. This rounded type was paired with a sans serif font on the support line.

Color can evoke a wide range of responses to its viewer, and it is important to understand the effect it has on your logo. The client shared with me in their discovery session that their favorite color was lilac. In turn, I added tint and a little magenta to it, creating a purple color combination that truly stands out.

Color psychology behind the selected color purple symbolizes royalty, elegance, independence, wisdom, devotion, resourcefulness, and creativity, just to mention a few. It is said that purple has the power to uplift, calm nerves and encourage creativity, making it an all-inclusive color. All ages, genders, and cultures can relate to purple.
Sketch logo for a healthcare provider.
Heart logo concept.
Color combo for a healthcare provider.
Maternal And Perinatal Services business card design.
tri fold design for a healthcare provider.
Black mother pregnant.
Gift box created for Maternal And Perinatal Services.
Pregnancy planned or happened by surprise.
Magazine for mothers and babies and healthcare.
Heart bag for mothers.
Life doesn't come with a manual.
Medical badge for a doctors and nurses.
Ad for a baby and mother.

Logos are an exciting process and a exploration of the interworking of a business. They can have various degrees of complex shapes and colors which can invoke a story. I am here to help you and your business in your branding project. I am sure that the finished logo will be as nice as the above branding project. Hire me as your personal brand strategist and I will lead you in the right direction.

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