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Capital Plumbing Contractors is a local Tallahassee plumbing company that is passionate about delivering client experiences. For over 30 years homeowners throughout Tallahassee and surrounding areas counted on Capital Plumbing Contractors to offer the very best plumbing services. Whether you need residential maintenance or repair, installation, new construction, renovations and remodels, Capital Plumbing can serve you. With a highly trained and tested staff of plumbing technicians equipped with the most advanced tools to date, we can service all of your family’s plumbing needs. We use electronic pipe locators and leak detectors to help us diagnose for insurance claims and your peace of mind. We use OEM parts so fixtures will be restored to their original working condition.

With years of experience and having found their vocation, they asked us to redesign their brand to communicate their vision and core purpose. We began with a face-to-face where we could understand the company's vision and defined three drivers to guide and inspire the project: customers, relationships and service. 

Below shows the old plumbing logo and the new logo. Capital Plumbing Contractor’s brand was met with a simple clean up of lines, shapes, typography and colors. The main font of the word PLUMBING was changed with cleaning typography and the grey shape was removed. The main faucet was simplified and the water drops were recreated into a simpler form.

When searching for a plumber remember that clean brands define a company. They worked hard on their brand to stand out among the other plumbers around town. We are sure that their customers will kindly enjoy what is in store for the future.

Every form of communication offers an opportunity to reinforce your brand. You should make sure your communication efforts - including marketing content, website, customer communications and internal communications - are consistent with these brand elements, even if they are not directly incorporated.

Capital Plumbing’s mission is to provide our customers with cost-effective plumbing repairs and installations in a timely fashion.

Capital Plumbing will be the predominate plumbing contractor in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. 

• Customers will trust and rely on our plumbing knowledge 
• Customers will receive fast and friendly service 
• When you are having an emergency, we’re here to help get things back to normal 
• Customers can count on our integrity before, during and after a job 
• Honest, licensed and experienced plumbers will be on every job 
• We will leave the customer’s work area cleaner than when we arrived

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